Overcoming Obstacles No Matter How Big or Small

I was invited to join in the 22 Push Ups a Day for 22 Days Challenge to bring awareness to the 22 U.S. combat veterans who commit suicide daily due to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, anxiety and depression.  In a small way we want all veterans to know that we are aware, and we care.

I saw a lot of my fellow running buddies joining in and I was nervous about being asked because I did not think I could do "a real" push up, not to say doing them on your knees is cheating but for me I really wanted to be able to do them on my toes to prove to myself that I was strong.  Day 1 came and my husband rooted me on and I pushed through 22 push ups on my toes and really surprised myself and have now done them on my toes for the past 5 days and I feel so accomplished.

I know that I'm not even half way through but if you challenge me I will complete the challenge, who doesn't like a great challenge....am I right?!?! 

My point is that we all are so much stronger than we think we are and I want to invite everyone to go for it and try this challenge.  If you are uncomfortable with posting videos just make them for yourself to prove to yourself that you are STRONG.


Well today was day 22 of the challenge and I did it, all 22 days of 22 push ups a day!  I'm feeling accomplished and am looking forward to the next challenge....hmmmm what should it be?  Email me with any suggestions!