Aktiv Mom is all about designing the life you would like to live. This lifestyle brand focuses on some key areas of life that I feel are essential to living a fulfilled life. 

Hi I'm Kim Ermlich and I'm married to my best friend and biggest fan Patrick and we have been married for 10 years and together for 20! We have two amazing kids-Hunter who is 9 & Liza who is 6 and they are both spunky, full of life, fun loving kids. We live in Brooklyn and I have a passion for running, organization, cleaning and hair care!

It's so easy to lose sight of who you were before motherhood. That person you were is still there waiting to be reawakened. Its never too late to reinvent yourself, transform your life and flourish with your new sense of self. 

Being a mom is something we wear like a badge of honor, but it doesn't need to define your existence. This is the ethos of Aktiv Mom. We exist to inspire and support moms to feel empowered outside of their homes, children, spouses/partners. 

I've always been a super active person my entire life. I vowed as I became a mom that I wouldn't lose that part of me. I exercised for a portion of my first pregnancy, had my son and went back to a soul destroying desk job. I was let go from my job just prior to having my second child and was suddenly left with a single income household, two kids, no health insurance and no idea where I was headed. 

After having my second child I received a flyer in the mail from the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to join Team in Training. I was truly inspired by their mission to raise money to find a cure for blood cancers. I joined their community and the rest is history. 

I was never a runner. However I started with TNT and quickly fell in love with how it made me feel. I was now confident, full of energy and I truly discovered peace of mind out on the road. I have now raised thousands of dollars with TNT, run 11 half marathons, conquered the NYC Marathon and started my own business. And I've just begun to scratch the surface. 

Running might be hard, our lives are busy, we’ve got kids running around, our bodies aren’t what they used to be, we feel like there’s not enough time in the day for ourselves, we have a to-do list a mile long.
I totally get you.
Here’s what I know about running and why you actually need it in your life.

”The less active we become, the more challenged we are in dealing with stress.” - J. Kip Matthews, Ph.D

  • Running can give you space for your brain to clear.
  • It can reset your perspective and make you more productive.
  • It gets your blood flowing and your endorphins kick in which will make you feel happy and energized from those sleepless nights.

It may seem exhausting at times, but the benefits for your mind, body, and soul are beautiful and immense. This is probably why you are here and because you want this to be a part of your life.  Aktiv Mom is here to help you do that!